Buying Black Oakland: 5 Local  Black-Owned Businesses to Support

  1. Coffee with a Beat

458 Perkins Street

Coffee with a Beat is a family-owned coffee shop located in the heart of Lake Merritt. It offers local coffee and fresh food including many varieties of fresh pastries, bagels, and cakes. Coffee with a Beat takes tremendous pride in offering superior customer service. The next time you need fresh coffee and a welcoming atmosphere,  don’t settle for Starbucks; try Coffee with a Beat!

   2. Urban Furniture


3241 Grand Avenue

Located in Oakland’s Grand-Lake commercial district, Urban Furniture is a social enterprise thrift store that sells quality used furniture. It also serves as a platform to provide education and on the job training to low-income single moms in Oakland. In addition, they provide a free donation pick up service if there are any goods you’re willing to donate. 

3. Marcus Books

3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Conveniently located near MacArthur BART, Marcus Books is the oldest black bookstore in the country and specializes in titles by and about black people. Marcus Books also has a location in San Francisco’s Fillmore District which is under the threat of closure. Check out their “Keep it Lit” campaign for information on ways to help preserve their legacy.

4. A Diva’s Closet

383 17th Street

A Diva’s Closet is a women’s clothing boutique located in the heart of downtown Oakland. They offer fun and affordable fashions for the community’s movers and shakers. Their motto is “We are where the night begins.” The next time you’re in the need of a new outfit for a nighttime outing, check out A Diva’s Closet!

5. Pican

2295 Broadway Street

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and delicious dining experience, stop by Pican in Oakland’s Uptown District. It specializes in Southern cuisine with a California twist. While you’re there, check out their bar/lounge and try a selection from their large bourbon portfolio.

9 thoughts on “Buying Black Oakland: 5 Local  Black-Owned Businesses to Support

  1. Hey Family,

    I own and teach at YogaLove in West AND North Oakland. Certified Teachers, intimate class size and fair rates. Come on in and practice. Great for Beginners and ALL levels of ability.


  2. Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses (BAOBOB) is a member based organization building an interactive platform to facilitate discovery, commerce and community between Black owned enterprises and customers that patronize Black owned enterprises. We also provide support services, workshops, networking events and other important resources for BAOBOB members.

    BAOBOB members will gain visibility to a growing audience of sonsumers who want to support Black owned enterprises. Members receive access to netorking events and business trainings as well, membership allows Black business owners to tap into opportunities to connect with other Black entrepreneurs committed to growing thier business and the strength of cooperative economics. BAOBOB is creating a network of excellence in Black business. #blackbuisnessmatters.

    The online platform will launch this summer with solid functionality such as creation of profiles, follow feature, cusstomer reviews and member business promotions posting to the BAOBOB directory. Get al the updates as we gear up to the summer 2015 launch of BAOBOB

    Ever Forward!
    YaVette Holts

    BAOBOB is a Cowrie Village project


  3. I love this. Black owned businesses connecting with one another forming coalitions. Black owned businesses in Oakland have thrived and prospered for decades. Oakland is an awesome place. Many black owned businesses, a large black middle class, larger than most people think, and a lot of venues for black entertainment and activism. For one thing its the home of the Black Panther Party. And Oakland’s black economic base should not be ignored. Its ripe for black economic empowerment and I am happy to see a group of brothers and sisters making that happen. Go Oaktown.

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  4. Looking at this article and others like it, makes moving back to the Bay more attractive to me more and more. Cause the idea of living in Oakland and being successful and connecting with other successful black people is appealing to me. I say other successful black people cause I’m successful and prosperous because as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. I like the idea of having the wonderful and blessed opportunity to live in a progressive black metropolis and reside in a middle class black community, supporting local black owned businesses, and make a difference in our community. We got a black owned community garden, and two black owned grocery co ops, and several black owned health food stores and grocery stores and health food restaurants. We got more alternatives now to the big grocery chains than ever before. Oakland alone has so many options for supporting black owned businesses that we don’t even need to stray. Aint no service in Oakland or in many cities across America that ablack entrepreneur cannot provide. Brothers and Sisters in Oakland right now, especially entrepreneurs are poised to become mega millionaires in a few years or less just by supporting one another. By networking, spending money in the community with local black owned businesses, pooling money and resources to create the change we wanna see, and by black business owners buying, selling, and doing trade with one another. And the time for that is right now today. Go Oaktown.


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